where did all the children go?

i sleep with my blinds open so I can see the sun hovering on the horizon all night, but mostly i don't sleep; watching the daylight turn to dusk, turn to daylight. the world doesn't need to rest. not here. not where the sun never sets.

the zoo is quiet now; all the animals are gone. its not the way it's meant to be, but i guess i'll get used to it. hopefully not. i prefer my life busy and hectic and stressful i think; relaxing's not my thing. not my thing not my thing. who gave me this time and what do i do when the sun and silence don't let me sleep?

my house used to scream and wail and laugh all day.
it's pretty quiet now.
pretty quiet.

nonetheless, home will always be here.
creatures, or no creatures.

for the first time
its pretty quiet.

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