We want more of everything. More time, food, belongings, money, opportunities, more friends, experiences, fun, happiness, more time. As we're escaping the burdens and moments that we want to erase from our lives we're fighting for more of the life we always wanted.

  • Tandem longboarding and "babe, if you hold your arms out you'll be flying".

  • Ice cream, caramel macchiatos and "this isn't what I thought my life would be like" while you tell me "we didn't know who you were but we talked about your tattoo".

  • The waves and the passionate people; dolphin fins, ankle grabbing sharks and the sand crabs in my hair. K/F/M, little boulders, broken surfboards. "can I grab a corner of this [towel]" and please please please lets just talk until the sun goes down; us three with only the heat and the heart and the sand.

  • "Just comfort[ing] me" and no questions asked in those asymmetrical eyes.

  • We're going for a walk-skate in arms and out of sorts; "there's nothing to see here" except the "best friend I ever had".

I want a sky that's always blue and to be as free as I'll ever be.

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