si se puede

It's the sun and the smiles and shades. Southern California drawls and bikinis. Brown legs and arms and shoulders boasting of their friendship with the outdoors. The big hearts and kind spirits teamed up to conquer their fears and the hurdles in the way of their success and found unlikely friendships and experiences.

The new friends at my side may not be those I will have when I'm grey, old and accomplished but they will always be remembered as those who helped me begin. The support when the future lies heavy on your heart, the arm to lead you down the trail to the beach in the dark, the people who understand the importance of being nerdy while having the time of your life. Youth with dreams and passions and so much joy that spills out to everyone around. Individuals from all over the continent plucked from their real world and thrown into a pool of believers.

We are warriors. We are conquerors. We believe.

Would you blame me for never wanting to leave? I was given the chance to start a new life for a temporary blip in my existence and discovered what it's like to be normal.

I discovered a love that I always knew I had.

Si se puede.

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