Even I forgot about my own blog, so I don't blame you if you did too

It amazes me how life changes and whatever depth of uncertainty and fear that fuelled my creativity no longer exists in the slightest. The newest and most exciting journey of my life is only beginning but I'm more compelled to live it than write about it. I panic a little and am discouraged with the realization that I was relying on instability and insecurity in order to express myself. What if I can't write anymore? What is interesting about a life that is based on stability?

Oh but it is everything. It is the joy of pursuing what I feel born to do, the privilege of being given a glimpse into people's lives, the opportunity to save. It's the challenge of finding solutions, the humbling that comes with not knowing, the possibility of innovation and earth shattering discoveries. It is how lucky I feel to be able to go to school (and eventually work) every day and truly love everything that is thrown in my path.  It's the incredible gift of unconditional love and commitment, taking me on adventures for the rest of my life with the most fun and interesting human on the planet.

My writing isn't gone, it has just changed. It grew up, as did I.

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