The street vendor

Escape the bustling anonymity of the city and the cold glares from the towering concrete that locked you in and suffocated any hope you harboured for a life that’s more than "a street vendor with tired eyes". Let the raw emotions and pure characters of the strangers that saunter by sway your cold heart, just like the echo of the gentle saxophone that seems to search you out in your darkest moment. You never stepped on the cracks because you thought you’d hurt your mother but now the one thing you want most is the one thing that would break her heart forever. Remember when the smile in that girl’s eyes was what you used to feel when you looked at him? Tears sting the wounds inflicted on you by an unjust world; seeing her eyes light up and her cheeks flush strangles your kind soul and you vow: only when this misty rain seeps in enough to shatter your bones will you begin to search for the sun again. Until then, a fake grin and melancholy eyes will tie the days to the nights to days again, reminding the lost that their only friends are those towering concrete walls, and that all they share is helplessness.

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