when kidnapping becomes the only way to save her, you wonder what has become of your family

Ahem, excuse me.
I don't usually like to rant, but how dare you say you're "dedicated to improving the quality of life for foster children and youth in care" when the only thing you want to do is lock her away. You only see her as a psychotic, crazy, handicapped four-year old but you're overlooking the fact that some of us see her as more than that. You're fantastically incompetent and inept at doing anything productive or positive in my already-a-shit-hole town and think that ripping a child away from the one good thing that happened to her in her life is the answer? See those children in the playgrounds at 2 am or that 13 year old walking downtown stoned out of his mind? I know him. I know them. And your influence has turned a beautiful boy who was passionate for judo and canoeing into a failure because you took him away from people who actually cared for him. He's turned into one of those street kids that people turn their noses up to when they pass by.
She needs love and a family, not cold stone walls and an insane asylum.
Do I hear a "Fuck you?" Yeah, thanks.
Thank you for treating children like objects and turning them into monsters.

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