are these oranges expired?

When I realize that I love cottage cheese and country music, history papers seem a little irrelevant.

I also love life. Admittedly, I'm being all high-school 'angsty' lately. .... "Dichotomy"

The tall persons bring me joy with the ceaseless irreverence and string of inappropriate slang words, especially when world peace seems like a feasible goal with our joint intellect and creativity. There's an obvious lack of husbands and children in the pictures we try to paint of the future, knowing they'll eventually emerge from the woodwork. We dream our lives to be a series of short leaps from continent to continent with Polaroid cameras, crop tops, and vintage shades.

She doesn't wear real pants but her attitude is so real it barks.

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  1. they are. guaranteed. they're wrinkled and green. and emit spores.