you make me want to be brave

It's the orange glow and stranger's muffled conversations. The warmth and the indie-trendy music floating by. It's the person across from me and knitted headbands and tea. How can it be that you are both the calm to my storm, the fuel to my fire, the warmth to my cold winter day.

Coincidentally, you're the fuzzy to my peach. The fizzy to my soda. The cup to my cake.

You are beautiful when you scream obscenities. We escape the bustling anonymity and take the time to remind each other that we need not justify, need not normalize the rages of our minds/our souls. "Don't let him run circles around your head". Can you be the one to remind me how to breath? I'm grammatically challenged and have huge thoughts but every time I try to express how I feel, it comes out 'I love you'.

I'm going to sleep now. Wake up next to me sometime with a wolf shirt, tight pants, and hilarity.

You're the bomb babe.

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